Moms Massage

Moms are also entitled to their wellness massage!
Also trained in pre-natal massage, I especially want to relieve the discomfort of the future mother.

The larger the baby, the more forward the centre of gravity. The future mother then undergoes many changes, both physical and emotional. Such as accentuations of spine curvatures, lumbar and cervical lordosis, and dorsal cyphosis. But also stress related to the arrival of the baby, your body changing, this feeling of being misunderstood at times, lack of sleep or the fact of sleeping poorly.

Muscles have to work hard to compensate, and are therefore much more tense than normal.
This massage provides benefits and dynamism and allows to live better the last months.
It is composed of very gentle brushing, friction, pressure and kneading.

I perform this massage after the stabilization of the fetus in the womb of the future mother, that is, from 3 months of pregnancy. It is not recommended to do sessions earlier because hormonal, physical or emotional changes are still too important in women.

This practice also has positive effects on the baby. Warm in your belly, baby lives everything that her mother feels.  He hears the sounds, he appreciates the caresses, but also the anxieties and stress.

During the massage, the mother emits «the pleasure hormone» called oxytocin. The baby receives this feeling and feels safe, developing emotional fulfillment.
I propose sessions ranging from 1 hour to 1hour30 in order to offer you a good time to let go.

Moms Massage: 60 min 65€

90 min 95€

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