Tailor intuitive massage

The intuitive massage that I practice, is based on the relationship between the well-being therapist and the customer.

Trained on biodynamic massage, offering a psycho-bodily approach, he works for a better fluidic and energetic circulation so that spaces of comfort, pleasure to be and feel his body, to find a full pulsation of life.

This means that at first I welcome you, by setting up an exchange in order to ensure you a secure framework, you will be able to express your expectations, leave room for your needs and release your fears.

It is important to put this framework in place, since being confident is as much a part of relaxing and welcoming your emotions as the massage itself. It’s about taking your place as a separate person during this wellness session, in order to find yourself.

Then, guided by my feelings I perform the massage using different techniques to best meet your needs of the moment.

The Biodynamics specialty leads us to approach the massage by considering each person:

  • in its totality body-energy-mind
  • with its organic capacity for natural self-regulation
  • as a relationship being, sensitive, sensitive to know-how more than to know-how
  • according to its specific needs and rhythms subject to the cycles of life
At the end of each session I review my feelings; the tensions, energies, pains, and any other emotions that I might have felt during this session with you.

This massage is 100% tailor-made, it adapts according to each person, for example it can be a session of 60 minutes where I am brought to massage the back and feet, or even that head.

Intuitive massage:    60 min     65€

                                          90 min     95€